About Two Silly Sisters

Hi and welcome to Two Silly Sisters. This blog was created by two silly(-iac) sisters, wanting to share with you our gluten free journey through our cooking, recipes and stories.

We are Sydney girls, Lu and Romie, who grew up in the Inner West with plenty of caf├ęs right at our door step. For most of our lives we indulged in ‘normal’ food and so we know what tastes good and what doesn’t. We are foodies at heart and love everything about food – from cooking shows and magazines to exquisite restaurants and occasionally foodie movies (yes Julie and Julia is at the top of the list!).

We come from an Italian background – a diet that revolves mostly around wheat and gluten foods – and it was not until a few years ago that we were diagnosed with coeliac disease. To read about our individual stories, click here. We love to bake and cook and are inspired by our mother and her passion for food.

We love to travel and sample the flavours of the world – senza glutine, sans gluten, sin gluten, glutenfrei – the challenge of asking, “Is that gluten free?” in another language awaits us.

Neither of us are writers or photographers, we just want to share with you our gluten free experiences and hope that you enjoy our stories along the way. We are no experts in the kitchen and are guaranteed to create a mess when experimenting on our latest recipe.

Coeliac is not a choice. It is not a fad diet and it will not magically disappear. It is a lifestyle and not something to be taken lightly. We are here to help you enjoy living gluten free. As you can see both of us love our food and being coeliac should not stop anyone from enjoying what they eat! Life’s too short to eat bad gluten free food. We would love to hear from you, email us on hello@twosillysisters.com.au

Happy reading and buon appetito!

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